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Kettle stopped boiling

I'm fed up with shoddy goods being sold by High Street shops, nowadays. I bought a chintzy farmhouse-style  kettle, it was pottery which is unusual. Anyway, I had it for three weeks and it stopped boiling. I took it back to the shop and ended up in a row when they said I couldn't have my money back, only a credit note. Are they right? I wanted to go and buy another kettle from another shop?



Newport, Shropshire

Goods bought from a shop must be fit for the purpose, match any description and be of satisfactory quality. If any of these are wrong  then you may have a legal right to get your money back. If you cannot get back to the shop for some days you should telephone and let the seller know that you have a problem  and want a refund.


If you have kept an item for several weeks without properly checking it out and then discover a problem or fault, you may have difficulty in returning it  because you would have had  ‘reasonable’ time to use the goods. There actually is no proper definition in the statute books of what reasonable is, so you could still have an argument!

Under the Sales of Goods Act  you would be entitled to a full refund as it happened within the first 28 days and the shop should have been clued up and so should the customer server.   My rule is that if anything is to go wrong then it would be within the first month, but then again you have a year's warranty which means you could still have got your money back.   Most shops nowadays are trying to fob people off with a credit note, but you have to be firm and if the customer server isn't going to budge then ask to see the shop manager and then I think you would get your money back very quickly.