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Problem with my nails

I’ve had false nails fitted for about five years now and I have them infilled on a regular basis. I’ve noticed recently that my natural nails are discoloured with black patches, my nail technician doesn’t seem to think it’s a problem, but it doesn’t look good what do you think I should do?


Amy Wilson, Halifax

The black marks on the nail bed sounds like it might be a fungal infection due to moisture getting under the acrylic/ gel nails, you must remove the tips and leave them off for a few weeks until the nail bed is back to normal – you can buy treatment for this from your chemist if it is really bad – it should clear quite quickly.  When you have tips put on again make sure that your nail technician dehydrates the nail properly, there is a dehydrating liquid that can be used, and also duffing helps. It is also a good idea to wear rubber gloves when washing up etc. It’s also good  to give your nails a rest from time to time to let your natural nails recover.  Hope this helps.