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Meeting a new partner

I’m a divorced lady and find it difficult  meeting a new partner, I was thinking of joining an on-line dating site but I am worried that it may not be safe, how can I be sure, can you help please?


Alice Taylor, Portsmouth

Hi Alice

You do have to be careful that the profile you see is actually who he says he is…on-line scammers may adopt someone else’s identity or use a false name.

Usually dating scammer will express strong romantic emotions in a short period of time and will want to move the relationship away from the dating website to a more private method such as telephone or email.

Dating scammers will go to great lengths to gain you trust perhaps showering you with romantic words and even sending you gifts and sharing personal information about themselves, this could be done over several months.

Never share any of your personal information, such as bank details or your first pets name or your mother’s maiden name and do not send them any compromising pictures of yourself as you may find them all over the internet.  They may eventually ask for a loan, perhaps for a family emergency or the money for a flight to meet up – which won’t happen.


Hope this helps.