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Living in Spain

I am really scared – I live in Spain – what is going to happen to me and my family, now that the UK is leaving the EU?

Basically, if you live abroad or if you are one of the million ex-pat English people living in Spain, you have at least two years to get your house in order … that means citizenship and health care, that kind of thing.

But tne immediate impact of the Brexit on Brits living in Spain is obviously the dramatic fall in the value of the pound following the Brexit result, which means those living off pensions or investments in the UK will see their spending power plummet.

Many expats may not be able to hang around for two years in Spain waiting for deals to be thrashed out as they simply won’t be able to afford it.

Unless the pound recovers, their pensions and investments from the UK, which for many older expats offer their only form of income, will be dramatically cut.


Tens of thousands of Brits move to Spain each year in search of a new life, but they too will have to think again.