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I need counselling over my council tax because I have two kitchens

I am absolutely,  I have an old house and for 150 years it has had two kitchens.  Out of the blue last year I had a call from the council tax people, they wanted to come and inspect the property, which they did, she was a snooty 30 something year old who wouldn't listen to a word I said, I told her that there had always been two kitchens since it was built and the one in question was our utility/ store room, she said but it's the rules, if you have two kitchens you must pay a third more council tax as the property is considered to be two houses.  Now I have to rent part of my house out to pay for the extra council tax. If I wanted to sell that part of my house as a granny flat that wouldn't be allowed. What can I do about this?


Julie Hill

This is really bad, we know of people who have been forced to rent out part of their house because of this unfair tax … all you can do is complain to the valuation office and ask them to remove the tax. One family I know had to actually remove one of the kitchens from the house before it could be revalued.

More of this later – watch this space!

Meanwhile, the Valuation Office Agency have a pdf about Council Tax banding in England. On self-contained units it says: The law requires that each self-contained unit must be separately banded. A self-contained unit is a building or part of a building constructed or adapted to make it capable of forming a separate unit of living accommodation.  It makes no difference whether one or more than one household occupies the units. If a unit is constructed or adapted for use as separate living accommodation, then it will have a separate council tax banding regardless of how it is used. The fact that a unit shares common services and cannot be sold on its own does not prevent it from being classed as a self-contained unit and having a separate council tax banding.