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Compensation for delayed plain

Please can you help?

We boarded a plane for Spain, we were delayed and we were told we were waiting for a mechanic to join the flight to Alicante.  We sat on the plan for over 2 hours, it was very hot and had to beg for water…we realized that the plane was being worked on as we sat there, apparently there was a problem with the hydraulic breaks.  Can we get compensation?


Gail Potter, Manchester



If your flight is delayed for two or more hours you are entitled to food and drink, phone calls and accommodation. You also get compensation if it’s the airlines responsibility – for example, if they didn’t get enough bookings or there is a technical fault.  You won’t get compensation if there is a strike or bad weather. You are entitled to a set amount of compensation depending on the distance of the flight (check the flight distance calculator on the Webflyer website) it also depends on the length of your delay to your arrival, for example 3 hours or more and less than 1,500km compensation is 250 euros, more than 1,500km and within the EU, 400 euros.  I hope this helps, make a complaint to the airline and let us know how you get on.